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Measure wind conditions anytime, anywhere

South Africa

South Africa

AQ510 is designed to be weatherproof, portable and fully IEC classified.

Sodar AQ510
High data availability

The parabolic dish and inverted horn design will give you high data availability in all weather conditions.

Find the solution that suits you

The modular energy system concept needs minimal attendance and let's you operate without any permits, sub contractors or additional constructions

Go wherever the wind blows. With our power pack options, the AQ510 gives you a cost effective solution for any climate.

AQ510 Cold winter kit

The AQ510CW is designed for use in regions with significant snow or icing conditions and prolonged periods of low solar radiation. The system is supplied with solar package, diesel generator, diesel heater and 200L diesel tank and is fully trailerised.

Find the solution that suits you