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AQ510 is a fully IEC classified remote sensing technology

Our objective is to provide the highest quality and most accurate remote sensing solutions in a reliable and cost effective package.

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The AQ510 uses a unique design based upon three powerful high quality speakers and parabolic reflectors to tightly focus acoustic impulses into the atmosphere. Sound is reflected by temperature fluctuations and turbulence. Based upon the Doppler shift of the return signal the system uses the latest data processing technology to accurately calculate wind speed, direction and turbulence intensity (TI) at 33 measurement heights from 40m to 200m with the option to extend to 300m.

Data is communicated via GPRS or Satellite modem to AQSystem servers from which it can be viewed and downloaded, in standard format, via the AQ-Online interface.

Key Features

Designed to meet the requirements of the modern wind industry the key features of the AQ510 are:

  • Proven and independently verified accuracy equivalent to anemometry.
  • Every system tested against an IEC compliant 100m met tower before delivery using a test process developed with and approved by DNV-GL.
  • Designed for very high reliability.
  • Wind speed range 0 to 30m/s.
  • Exceptionally high wind and turbulence data availability, even during adverse atmospheric conditions (>98%@100m, >92%@150m, >85%@200m).
  • High resolution - 33 measurement heights at 5m intervals from 40 to 200m with option to extend to 300m.
  • Modular construction for easy shipping and deployment.
  • 100% field serviceable and repairable.
  • A variety of power and heating options available to suit even the harshest of environments.
  • Integrated GPS, temperature and humidity sensors.
  • Communication options via GPRS/GSM or Satellite.
  • All data processing is carried out internally; AQSystem carries out no post processing of data.
  • Sophisticated algorithms for fixed echo removal.
  • Highly competitive pricing and low cost of ownership.

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Masters of the Wind

To date approximately seven hundred AQSystem SoDARs have been purchased by wind energy companies all over the globe.


All of our applications have been tried and tested over the last decade.

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Versions and Power packages

It is our belief that all customers are individual. As such AQSystem customers are free to choose only the hardware and service options that they require to meet their project needs and all systems are fully upgradeable to provide future proof flexibility.

There are three versions of the AQ510 Wind Finder:

  1. AQ510SA - Stand Alone system
    The AQ510 SA is not supplied with any power or heating systems but is fitted with input for line in power of 12VDC or 110-240VAC. Customer is free to supply power from its own generator, grid power or other external power pack.

  2. AQ510WW - Warm Winter system
    The AQ510WW is designed for use in regions with high levels of solar radiation all year round. The system is supplied with solar power package and either trailerised or free standing.

  3. AQ510CW - Cold Winter system
    The AQ510CW is designed for use in regions with significant snow or icing conditions and prolonged periods of low solar radiation. It will operate for long periods in arctic conditions as seen during northern Scandinavian winter. The system is supplied with solar package, diesel generator, diesel heater and 200L diesel tank and is fully trailerised.

The validated SoDAR system

Independent validations

The AQ510 has been thoroughly validated by DNV-GL, Ecofys and BBB to confirm its compliance with IEC 61400-12-1 rev 2.

Met mast verification included

Uniquely for a SoDAR, Every AQ510 is individually verified against a 100m IEC compliant met tower using a process developed in conjunction with and approved by DNV-GL.

IEC Classified

The AQ510 is a highly advanced, low power, cost effective SoDAR that has recently been verified against the IEC 61400-12-1 by DNV-GL. The classification results are excellent and the only SoDAR independently verified. This will allow AQ510 systems to be used in formal wind energy assessments projects per the new more stringent standards and requirements.

Setting the standard

Rentals and additional services

AQSystem SoDARS can be rented at highly competitive prices in many countries, either directly from AQSystem or through our regional partners. Additionally many of our partners can offer consultancy, met mast and other services to ensure that your project is fully compliant with local regulations and is of the highest possible standards.

Servicing and Maintenance

We beleive in flexibility and options. AQSystem have service partnerships with companies in over 50 countries. Additionally our customers may choose to have their own technicians, or their preferred service partner, fully trained.

Also where practical, servicing and maintenance can be undertaken directly by AQSystem. There is no required annual service and support contract needed to use AQSystem remote sensors.

Data Communications
AQ510 can transmit data using either GPRS / GSM or via satellite giving our customers the flexibility to choose the most practical and cost effective solution. Data can be viewed and downloaded from the AQ-Online secure web portal from any internet enabled device. There is no annual subscription charge for this service.

Cold Climate Capabilities
Developed in Sweden where winter is harsh, the AQ510 is especially suitable for cold climates with excessive amounts of snow. The AQ510 can be equipped with a diesel heater and the heat is used to melt snow or ice in the SoDAR antenna.

The AQ510 antenna unit is designed with three protected speaker elements which sends and receives sound impulses that are reflected by three parabolic dishes. Thanks to this unique design neither rain or snow are an issue for the AQ510. There are no moving parts in the antenna limiting the need for maintenance. Reducing maintenance and unplanned interruptions are important for the project time plan.

Quotes from Users

Rafael Zubiaur, CEO of Barlovento Recursos naturales

We use the AQSystem SODARS in a number of projects and are impressed with the high data availability and robustness of the unit. With an average data availability of 97% at 100m, it is the remote sensing product with the highest data availability we have ever installed.”

Måns Håkansson, PhD, Wind & Site at Statkraft

”We consider the AQSystem SODARS a very useful tool for wind site assessments. In our most recent project, we used altogether three units in parallel with a met mast and were thus able to run simultaneous measurements at four separate points for a period of four months. As a result we were able to raise the project’s P90 value with several percent.”

Iain Campbell, MInstP, RES Group

”AQSystem SODAR and 80 m mast is current RES standard practice in Scandinavia The AQ510 is a very good device: Robust and provides data in all weather conditions. Reliable with excellent operational availability (> 98 %).”

Daniel Gustafsson, Project Manager at Vattenfall

”We currently have 37 AQS SODARs deployed in various measurement campaigns in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe. Due to their mobility and high data availability, we see them as a useful tool in our measurements campaigns.”

AQ System is using a network of distributors and service partners.

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