High quality wind measurements

Will improve the progression in your project and increase the project value.

Plan your measurement campaign

What is the purpose of your wind measurement investment; an early indication of the wind resource or a bankable report? What kind of instruments should be used? When and where should measurements be made?
Based on meteorology and terrain, we will assist you in the process of finding suitable locations and choose the correct instrumentation for your measurement campaign.
Establishing measurement equipment Sodar or meteorological mast?
We provide solutions that include both sodar and mast. As a client you will get a system that fulfills the IEC61400-standards.

Monitoring measurements

Bad wind data, discovered after the measurement campaign, is a common cause for delayed projects.
Avoid unpleasant surprises by letting us monitor your measurements; you can be assured that your project will proceed as planned.
Wind analysis
The collected data must be analyzed after a successful campaign. Erroneous data must be removed and the remaining high quality data is used to make a reliable estimation of the wind resource in your area. We have the knowhow!

Turbine layout/energy calculations

Changes are likely to happen during the advance of your project; turbine positions might be changed due to optimization calculations, curtailment of some turbines is perhaps necessary during the mating season of a bat, etc. With focus on revenue and permits we will help you with the layout.
Our meteorologists have the knowledge and methods to maximize the value of your project.

Post construction optimization

After the construction of the windfarm the turbines must be monitored to make sure that they produce as planned. Early identification of deviations from normal operation is crucial for a persisting good economy in the project. The AQ510 can be used in the monitoring process and AQSystem can help you with the analysis of data from the AQ510 and the turbines SCADA system.

Post construction energy calculation

When the windfarm has been operational for at least one year it is possible to make a new and more certain estimation of P50 and P90. The calculation will be based on operational data from the windfarm. This will , for example, make the large wind modelling uncertainties in the energy calculation made before the construction disappear. A better estimation of the production will make the economical outcome more certain and it can also be used to get better financial terms from investors.

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