What Is Sodar?

Sodar (Sound Detection And Ranging) is a technology that makes it possible to measure wind profiles with the help of sound. It works in the same way as a radar system but sends out sound waves, instead of radio signals, for detection.

By measuring the scattering of sound waves, sodar provides the user with information regarding atmospheric turbulence. The system is used mainly to measure wind speed at various heights above the ground but also the thermodynamic structure of the atmosphere’s lower layer.

The Sodar developed by AQSystem is designed with a special acoustic horn system with optimised antenna-lobes that measure a three-dimensional wind field with high accuracy. The AQ510 Wind Finder transmits the short powerful tone pulses in three directions with a separation of 120 degrees.

The acoustic horn system has been designed with protected speaker elements, where the sound is reflected by parabolic dishes, which helps the system measure wind in heavy rain and snowfall with high data availability.

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