The New AQ510

The AQ510 is the new generation of portable sodar systems. It’s developed with more than 40 years of experience, and is the first to be verified against traditionally anemometry in the manufacturing process. That gives you reliable and high data availability in any climate with just the flick of a switch.

You may think that it looks like a certain robot from a sci-fi movie. But the AQ510 is very real and on the market. It’s designed to be weatherproof, portable and scan the atmosphere with meticulous precision.

With three fixed horns it uses sound to measure the wind speed, wind direction and turbulence. In any environment and any weather condition, every five meters between 40 and 200 meters. Wherever you want, any time of the year.

The modular energy system concept needs minimal attendance and lets you operate without any permits, sub contractors or additional constructions.

If that doesn’t blow you away, we’re happy to tell you that we’ve launched a dedicated test site for remote sensing. That means that every AQ510 is validated against a fully IEC 61400-12-1 compliant met mast.

With our power pack and heating options, the AQ510 gives you a cost effective solution for any climate and any site. As of now AQ Systems can provide four different power solutions depending on your needs.

Being able to trust your output is crucial. That’s why we’ve launched a dedicated test site for remote sensing, to compare the AQ510 with traditional anemometry. The site and instrument mounting is fully IEC 61400-12-1 compliant and approved by GL Garrad Hassan.

Why the AQ510 Always Delivers:

  • New antenna - The redesigned antenna enclosure, including integrated electronics, gives you a complete wind measuring instrument.
  • Small Zenith angle - To give you less scatter and better measurement in complex terrain AQ510 uses a zenith angle of 15°.
  • Moulded aluminum platform - To ensure that the speakers are in the exact correct position, they are mounted on a platform of aluminium. The same material as the speaker brackets and re-designed parabolic dishes.
  • Tilt sensor - With the tilt sensor you can always be sure that the system is installed correctly.
  • Low energy consumption - The AQ510 uses only 15 W and operation is completely free from emissions when used

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