Technical Specifications

AQ510 Wind Finder is a mobile and compact solution with high data availability.


Zenith Angle 15°
Range (min/max) 40 – 200 m
Height resolution 5 m
Accuracy ­± 2 %

Data Availability 100m > ~98%

Data Availability 150m > ~85%

Data Availability 200m > ~70%

Environmental limitations

Temperature range -40°C to + 60°C
Humidity range 10 to 100 % HR

Antenna dimension

Antenna height 1,2 m
Antenna width 1,0 m
Weight 70 kg

Trailer Dimensions

Trailer height 2,7 m
Trailer width 1,9 m
Trailer length 4,4 m
Trailer weight 1 100 kg
Fuel tank size 200 l

Calibration and verification

The AQ510 Wind Finder is calibrated in-house by the test department at AQSystem’s factory. All systems are also verified against a 100m met mast at AQSystem test site before delivery.

Independent Test institute

AQSystem have used several independent test institutes to evaluate their products. For more information check download tab. Verification 1 Verification 2 Verification 3

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