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AQSystem know that no chain is stronger than its weakest link. That’s why the company has established a complete service and support program to make sure that its solutions get the job done.


The after-sale service and support begins with a factory warranty of one year for all parts used within the product.

Individual service contract

Clients can select from a wide range of individual service and support components. AQSystem can also provide long-term service and support packages that offer exceptional value.

Hot line support

AQSystem representatives are available with support at no cost for clients to discuss hardware and software issues.

On-site service and repair

Field service engineers can be dispatched from any of the company’s support centres to provide on-site diagnosis of system problems and repair service.

Spare parts

For a period of seven years after delivery of the product AQSystem will supply the buyer with spare parts, as presented in the spare parts manual.

Quality assurance and customer satisfaction

The company’s workforce takes great pride in the craftsmanship of the product and is dedicated to quality assurance and customer satisfaction. AQSystem use the best technology, fabricating equipment and fully certified team members, while the company’s attention to detail also extends to proper packing for secure delivery.


All products are delivered with a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) document including a calibration certificate for system functions with 2-3 weeks of concurrent measurents against an 100m IEC verified met mast.

What type of service and maintenance is needed?

For the cold winter version, the generator will need oil and filter change after 200h run time; roughly 3-4 planned maintenance per year. There is no planned maintenance for the sodar unit; no calibrations or factory service needed, allowing the sodar to be in the field for years without quality being sacrificed. For fuel cell solution the only maintenance needed is refueling.

You would still need to verify your instrument before and after measurement campaign according to standards in place. For more info on how you maintain your sodar, please see download tab for service instructions.

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