Environmental Measuring

Air pollution has today become a global problem that affects every part of the environment. To help determine the extent of location-specific pollution, AQSystem can provide sodar solutions for continuous monitoring of the composition of pollutants at particular sites.

Atmospheric boundary layer research needs an instrument that can provide vertical profiles of wind, temperature and turbulence in the lowest range of the atmosphere. Not only to measure and monitor the current atmospheric situation in real time but also to verify numerical models and similar based on statistical information.

The sodar system provides a forecast of air pollution conditions and imparts important information to any user within the area of atmospheric physics. Using data collected by the sodar makes it possible to predict the deposit of pollutants and determine concentration levels at local sources of emission.

Applications for Environmental Measuring

    • Predict dispersion of air pollution
    • Depth of mixing height
    • Elevated temperature inversions
    • Atmospheric stability
    • Mountain/valley flow
    • Diffusion in complex terrain
    • Plume dispersion monitoring
    • Sea and land breeze
    • Weather forecasts
    • Climate research

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