Customer questionnaire

Questionnaire of service and maintenance

Vattenfall have had a large fleet of sodars for the past years. What has been your biggest obstacles when maintaining your sodars?

- “The biggest obstacle is ergonomics, heavy lifts when replacing batteries and generators.”

What processes have been key in your organization to maintain good uptime and quality of your measurements?

- “Daily monitoring of systems for early detection of issues, regular preventive maintenance and short lead times on equipment/personnel.”

For our new customers, what would be your suggestion to them in regards to service issues?

- “Never go out on site without proper equipment, necessary spare parts and a good understanding of the system. Do not just send anyone out on site to do maintenance, make sure the personnel have basic knowledge about the principles of the sodar. It’s the people on site that are the eyes and ears, their information is highly valuable when determining the quality of the measurements.”

- Robert Hugosson Data manager Vattenfall

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