Wind Energy Measuring

The AQ510 Wind Finder has since its introduction to the market become one of the leading remote sensing product for the wind energy industry in the World. Since its release in 2014 AQSystem has delivered several hundred units that are being used in over 30 different countries around the world.

There are several reasons for the success of the AQ510 Wind Finder. It’s a mobile self-sufficient system that’s easy to deploy, install and use. And with no need for building permits, external power sources or weather restrictions, the AQ510 is sure to get the job done. Just deploy, turn it on and start collecting the data.

The AQ510 will give you accurate wind data for the whole rotor diameter. This means that the system is ideal for stand-alone measurements or as a complement to a met mast.

The AQ510 Wind Finder provides valuable data in the wind turbine’s entire operating area (by volume). The system offers the complete wind profile up to 200 metres, with a 5 meter resolution.

The system has been used and tested with very good results by well known industry operators including: Garrad Hassan, Airtricity, Vattenfall and Nordex to name a few. AQSystem therefore has a number of independent validation reports available upon request. All the verifications that has been made for AQ510 has shown that it is within 2% accuracy, with a mean accuracy of 0,16%. AQ510 Verifications

Independent test institutions have also shown that the AQ510 will provide accurate wind information and high data availability in heavy snowfall and rain. Customers in northern Europe can verify that the system works in very tough climates where excessive ice and snow situations can sometimes provide inaccurate wind data when relying on mast sensors alone. The secret is the specially designed heating system and the potential to increase output power when needed.

AQ510 Wind Finder has:

  • The ability to measure the wind profile up to 200 metres
  • Good data availability
  • A reliable Sodar developed by AQSystem
  • A robust and mobile design
  • Been designed to operate in any weather conditions
  • No need for building permits
  • One switch start-up

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