Air Traffic Measuring

Wind shear is a sudden shift in wind direction and speed that disturbs air traffic. It’s a condition that has caused many serious accidents with over 500 fatalities during the past 20 years. To help prevent this, AQSystem offers solutions that are able to spot and report when high wind shear occurs.

Over the past 15 years, several airports have used the company’s sodar systems and software packages for wind shear warning. Fully compliant with ICAO regulations, the software packages include calculation and presentation of wind components along and across runways.

As soon as the wind shear warning is active, a pop-up diagram is displayed with the current information in real time. The AQSystem software can also give important information about head wind, tail wind and side wind components at pre-selected runways.

One big advantage of using AQSystem sodar for this information is that wind components are calculated and displayed for all height intervals within the system’s range.

Based on long experience from aviation applications, AQSystem solutions have been recommended with high priority by NASA for a “Vortex Advisory Wake System” (Document no. CR-2003-212175).

Applications for air traffic measuring

  • Wind shear warning
  • Prediction of fog and low clouds
  • Measure accurate turbulence
  • Temperature inversion detection
  • Wake vortex detection
  • Meteorological conditions at the airport

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