AQSystem has extensive experience of providing solutions for measuring wind conditions with the help of sodar technology. This continuous work has resulted in the development of the leading remote sensing product, AQ510 Wind Finder.

AQ510 Wind Finder can be used for several different purposes:

  • Wind power measuring
  • Air traffic measuring
  • Environmental measuring

AQSystem has in just a couple of years delivered several hundred units of the AQ510 Wind Finder to clients in 40 different countries around the world. The secret behind this success can be found in the diversity of the design.

AQ510 Wind Finder has:

  • The ability to measure the wind profile up to 200 m
  • High data availability
  • A reliable sodar developed by AQSystem
  • A robust and mobile design for easy deployment
  • Been designed to operate in any weather conditions
  • No need for building permits
  • One switch start-up
  • Best SoDAR for turbulence measurement

The design of the AQ510 Wind Finder makes it a fully mobile system. The antenna and electronic units, together with power supply, are combined in a trailer that makes the system easy to install and support:

One power switch

The AQ510 Wind Finder will automatically start taking measurements when the power switch is activated. A normal installation will take less then one hour after arrival at the site.

Solar panels and power generator

The main power source is the solar panels. For northern countries the system is also equipped with a small generator as back-up during the dark months.

Intelligent power control unit

The control unit will sense the voltage level in the battery bank automatically and switch between the solar panels and the power generator as required. The 600 Ah battery bank allows the system to operate for a week without other power supplies. In addition, the unit will send SMS alarm messages in the unlikely event of failure.

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Wind Energy Measuring

The AQ510 Wind Finder has since it introduction to the market become the leading remote sensing product for the wind energy industry in Europe. In just a couple of years we have delivered more than 60 systems that are being used in countries all over the world.

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Air Traffic Measuring

Wind shear is a sudden shift in wind direction and speed that’s disturbing the air-traffic. This condition has caused many serious accidents with over 500 fatalities during the past 20 years. To prevent this AQSystem offers solutions that are able to spot and report when a wind shear occurs.

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AQSystem’s goal is to make your work easier. That’s why we are constantly developing our software to give you access to the latest data, where and when you need it.

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Environmental Measuring

Air pollution has today become a global problem that effects every part of our environment. At AQSystems we can provide sodar solutions for continuous monitoring of the composition of pollutants at particular sites.

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Support & Service

AQ510 Wind Finder is a mobile and compact solution with a great range. Just look at our technical specifications and imagine the possibilities. All you need to do is roll out the trailer, turn the switch on and start to collect the verified data.

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What Is Sodar?

Sodar, or “Sonic Detection And Ranging”, is a technology that makes it possible to measure wind profiles with the help of sound. It works in the same way as a radar system but sends out sound waves, instead of radio signal, for detection.

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Technical Specifications

At AQS we know that no chain is stronger than its weakest link. That’s why we have established a complete service and support program to make sure that our solutions will get the job done.

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New software for AQ500

Read about our new easy to use web software for AQ500. Get your data in a simple format.

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In the 1960's we were focused on helping pilots to land properly...

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