Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

AQSystem launches Sweden’s first test site for Remote Sensing devices

AQSystem has launched the first dedicated test site in Sweden for Remote Sensing devices. AQSystem will carry out verification campaigns of Remote sensing devices (with their AQ500 product or other Remote Sensing devices). A 105 meter met mast situated in Fimmerstad enables correlation reports to be made against ground based devices to provide traceability back to traditional anemometry.

These campaigns will consist in the simultaneous collection of wind data from the Remote Sensing device and from high quality and MEASNET calibrated cup anemometers and wind vanes during the test. The site promotes ongoing testing and validation of Sodar and Lidar technology and is open to all remote sensing manufacturers, developers, consultancies and research organizations.

GL Garrad Hassan has reviewed the met mast documentation and also performed a site visit to ensure conformity with industry best practice, i.e. against IEC & IEA standards and industry best practice.

Detlef Stein, at GL Garrad Hassan commented:

“It is very positive to see that AQSystem has launched a dedicated test site for remote sensing potentially allowing high quality performance verifications”.

Pelle Hurtig, CEO of AQSystem:
“Our new test site gives us the possibility to meet the increased demand from the market to show traceability of our AQ500 product compared with traditional anemometry for new AQ500 systems but also to re-verify existing systems. The test site which is the first of its kind in Sweden, will also allow project developers to carry out independent validations of Sodar and Lidar performance against traditional cup anemometry”.

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Contact person

Pelle Hurtig, CEO of AQSystem

+46 (8) 776 40 86

About AQSystem
AQSystem is a manufacturer of remote sensing instruments. AQSystem’s AQ500 Wind Finder is a product used for measuring the wind resource. The head office and manufacturing is located in Tyresö, in the near vicinity of Stockholm.

Press contact

Pelle Hurtig

+46 (0) 8 776 40 86