Monday, January 30th, 2017


In order to get the best measurement possible, it is necessary to verify your system before and after measurement. Verifications allows for a better correction to be applied on your measurements and also qualifies your remote sensing device to be considered bankable as a stand-alone system according to TR6.

Since 2012 AQ Systems have verified AQ500 and AQ510 at Fimmerstad, Sweden against a 100 m met mast with sensors at 60, 80 and 100 meters.  This K600 met mast has fulfilled all the requirements according to IEC 61400 Part 12 (2005) and Draft CDV IEC 61400 Part 12-1 (2012). Together wind DNV-GL verification procedure, GLGH-4257-14-12071-267-R-0001-B, AQ Systems have met all the requirements for good verification and analysis.

Deviation between SoDAR and met mast at 100m for 160+ units.

AQ Systems have verified and re-verified 160+ units, both AQ500 and AQ510, at Fimmerstad. The results of this can be seen above, the results include those units that are outside the target of +-2%, but have afterwards been recalibrated to meet the requirements set by AQ Systems. The average deviation of all verified units is 0,16%, an almost spot on value that proves AQ510 and AQ500 to be an accurate wind measurement device.


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The History

In the 1960's we were focused on helping pilots to land properly...