Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

New report shows good correlation

The use of Remote Sensing data in the wind industry has in general been treated with some reticence, yet the potential for these devices like the AQ500 Wind Finder is clear. To have an instrument capable of measuring data to and through hub height, which can be easily deployed is an understandable asset to any wind analyst.

AQSystem has, with the help of Oldbaum Services Limited, just concluded an extensive test of the AQ500 Wind Finder in Myres Hill situated 22 km southwest of Glasgow, Scotland. This test facility occupies an area of moor land at a height above sea level of around 320 to 340 m.

The report, based on measuring data from the 6th February 2008 to the 14th May 2008, concludes that in general it can be seen that there is good agreement between the data acquired by the AQ500 Wind Finder and the mast.

Please contact us for more information regarding this report that is available upon request.

The History

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