Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

New company – new possibilities

The wind energy market in North America is growing and the need for remote sensing products is increasing. The AQ500 Wind Finder is the market leading product in Europe and we have today over 200 systems in use for different wind energy projects. We see the North American market as a great challenge and we have several customers in the northern part of Europe that can verify that our system will work in tough climate. We belive that especially Canada, with the same type of climate, would be perfect for our AQ500 Wind Finder.

Assigned CEO of AQSystem Canada is Josefin Knudsen. Josefin has worked in the wind and alternative energy market for several years in Sweden as in Canada. We believe that Josefin with her knowledge of the wind industry and the Canadian market will be a perfect solution for starting up our business in North America.

Pelle Hurtig
CEO AQSystem

The History

In the 1960's we were focused on helping pilots to land properly...