Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Leading International Wind Developer Chooses AQ510 Advanced SoDAR

Renewable Energy Systems (RES), Industry leaders in the application and operations of Remote Sensing Devices are now  rental and service partners to AQSystem. RES have extensive experience and training in the use and servicing of AQSystem sodars and have taken delivery of their first UK based AQ510 advanced sodar system.

Alan Derrick, Head of Technical Services, RES Group stated “The use of AQSystem sodars on our projects has played a significant role in our success within Scandinavia. In our experience equipment provided by AQSystem has been very reliable and the services provided to be of very high quality. Right now we are using AQSystem sodars on many of our projects in Norway, Sweden and Finland.”

Ian Ravey, Head of Measurement Services, RES Group stated “We have high confidence that the AQ510 meets the very high standards demanded by RES for inclusion in its instrumentation portfolio and will fit well with our business model moving forward”.

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