Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

AQ500 has been evaluated by Barlovento with good results

AQSystem is constantly encouraging customers and test institutes to test the AQ500 and thereafter share the results with the overall wind market. AQSystem considers that more information published about the AQ500 will give a clearer picture to the wind sector about how well it operates in the field. Barlovento the Spanish wind consultant decided to test the AQ500 at a site in Spain during the period of January to April 2011. The test shows that the AQ500 performed well during the indicated period as the instrument had high levels of data availability and performed very well in temperatures reaching down below zero. The test further proves that the AQ500 wind data not is affected by precipitation such as rain and that the data availability during rainy periods was very similar to measurements taking place during normal weather conditions.  In conclusion, the AQ500 was proven by the Barlovento test to provide good data availability and functioned very well in rainy periods as well as in cold temperatures.

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