Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Accurate turbulence measurements from remote sensing?

Since, and even before, the use of SoDAR and LiDAR remote sensing became common practice within the wind industry a frequently asked question has been – “When will remote sensing be able to provide me with an accurate/anemometer equivalent measurement of turbulence intensity?”

Well, to all of you that have asked this question, on many occasions over the years, we finally believe we can give you a definitive answer – NOW!

Due to its unique design, very high resolution and through the development of clever new algorithms the AQ510 SoDAR from AQSystem can provide highly accurate and anemometer equivalent TI measurements.

In a recent presentation to a group of major German wind companies, Lasse Johansson, Senior Wind Energy Consultant at SWECO, clearly showed that AQ510 TI measurements from multiple systems, and in one case over a full one year period, were consistently within 1% of those from a co-located 100m IEC compliant met tower equipped with first class cup and sonic anemometers.

Further assessments are being undertaken and detailed results will become available in due course but I believe this to be a major leap forward for remote sensing as many wind turbine manufacturers and bank’s engineers have been reluctant to accept data from remote sensors due to their historical inability to provide an anemometer equivalent measure of TI.

Lasse Johansson studied maths, physics and oceanography at Gothenburg and Kiel Universities and holds PHD’s in meteorology and oceanography from Stockholm University. He was a consultant oceanographer with the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrographic Institute for over eight years and has worked within the wind industry for nearly ten years. Presently he is Senior Wind Energy Consultant at SWECO and is a strong advocate for the correct use of accurate measurement instruments for wind industry applications.

SWECO is a leading international engineering consultancy listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and is established in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Poland and Turkey. SWECO carries out tens of thousands of projects in some 70 countries worldwide to ensure clean water, efficient infrastructure and sustainable energy solutions.

AQ510 Wind Finder is an advanced yet cost effective SoDAR system which sets new standards in remote sensing performance. With well proven accuracy and very high data availability at all heights AQ510 replaces the previous generation AQ500 which has been Europe’s leading wind industry SoDAR for the last 20 years.

Each AQ510 is individually validated and certified against an IEC compliant 100m met mast and the system has been independently verified as capable of meeting the stringent requirements of draft standard IEC 61400‐12‐1 rev 2. AQ510 performance has been verified by DNV‐GL, Ecofys and BBB Umwelttechnik.

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