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AQSystem don’t deal with maybes. The company’s solutions are put to the test every day through client projects. These provide the confidence that the AQ 510 Wind Finder will get the job done – no matter what, no matter where.

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Swedish energy giant Vattenfall has for a long time known that some of the answers on how to combat climate change are ‘blowing in the wind’. As Europe’s sixth largest generator of electricity the company has been working with wind-generated energy production for over 30 years. This platform of experience has provided Vattenfall with a unique knowledge base that today continues to grow with the help of AQ 510 Wind Finder.

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o2 Vind

Finding wind in northern Sweden can be a rough affair. Despite global warming this remote geographical area will still provide heaps of snow, plenty of ice and temperatures well below -20°C during winter. But these facts don’t give o2 Vind the chills as the company continues to establish new sites all over the region using the speed of sound as its guide.

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Wind energy is an industry in constant change. Just ask the German company Nordex, which has developed and built wind turbines for over 25 years. Even after installing over 4000 wind turbines in 34 different countries, the company is still seeking new technologies, like the AQS Wind Finder 500, to help it seize future development opportunities.

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Måns Håkansson, PHD, Wind & Site at Statkraft: "We consider the AQ500 a very useful tool for wind site assessments. In our most recent project with the AQ500, we used altogether three units in parallel with a met mast and were thus able to run simultaneous measurements at four separate points for a period of four months. As a result we were able to raise the project's P90 value with several percent."

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