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”This course provides the knowledge that will allow you to maximise the value of AQ500 SoDAR data in future wind resource assessment. It was an excellently run and interesting course, with a good mix of practical and theory, in a picturesque setting of Beckershof’s.” Thomas Grey, Specialist Engineer – GL Garrad Hassan

Make the most of your investment in our wind measurementproducts by attending our popular training course at beautiful Beckershof mansion.

We had our first AQademy training course in April 2013 and it was very appreciated by the participants from the start. AQademy is not a traditional ”sit at your desk and listen”-training course. Instead we mix theoretical sessions and desk exercises indoors with outdoor excursions. In combination with the beautiful surroundings and fantastic food at Beckershof mansion, we promise that you will have a lot of new knowledge and food experiences with you when you return home.

“I highly recommend the course to persons that work with AQS sodars. It gave a thorough insight to the installation and use of the equipment as well as analyzing data. It is important to understand all aspects in order to make high quality measurements.” Merja Paakkari, Senior Consultant – Hafmex Oy

The very foundation of the training course is based on two legs:

Meteorology and Measurements. Knowledge of these two topics, in combination with high quality measurement equipment, will guarantee that you will get useful results from your measurement campaigns. We say that 50 percent of the result you get, depends on the measurement equipment, and 50 percent on how you use the equipment and analyze the collected data.

AQSystem provide both the measurement equipment and the knowledge/tools you need to be able to use it to assess the wind resource in your project.

“We just acquired an AQ500 windfinder and we decided to attend the training course to learn more about it. I‘ve really spent great time there, where practical exercises were mixed with technical items and statistics. I’ve specially appreciated the outdoor sessions like the sodar starting exercise and looking for the right installation place in an amazing course venue” Guillaume Fuchs, Project Manager – Renewable Energy – Romande Energie

Two days

The training course is given over two days.

All participants are guaranteed accommodation at the course venue (upon request) and we will book a room for you when registering for the training course, unless you tell us not to.

The course includes the following topics:

  • How to maximize the uptime and data availability
  • To assess the quality of the collected data
  • Successful installation of the equipment in the field
  • The importance of data availability; discussion about conditioning and correct data handling
  • Assessment of measurement sites in the field
  • Best practice for comparing the measurement results with traditional anemometry
  • AQ510 and complex terrain; theory and exercise

Contact us

For more information please contact Marie Hurtig by calling +46(0)8 7764086, or by e-mail.

Quotes from AQadamy participants

Jan Näs, Wind Analyst/Meteorologist – StormGeo AS

“I don’t personally work much with the hardware, but I analyze data from the AQ500 very often. For me this course was excellent to get a better understanding of how the data in the AQ500 is actually produced and what I should think about when I analyze the data. The theory part of the course is also more general and very valuable for any wind data analyst. Therefore in my opinion, the AQademy training course is an excellent opportunity for anyone who will ever be involved in wind data analysis, and it should be a requirement for anyone working with AQ500 data.”

Paul Hines, Project Manager – Nordex Sweden

”Thank you for a fun and interesting training course. I can really recommend it!”

Christian Bladh, Design Manager – HSKRAFT

“The course was very useful and interesting and extended my knowledge in both using and interpreting data from the AQ500. I enjoyed taking the course very much, largely because the educators were both responsive, competent and friendly. The course was also held in a pleasant environment and offered a mix of theory and practice, which further contributed to the excellent learning environment.“

Per Edström and Olle Viotti, Wind and Site Engineers – Sweco Energuide AB

“The AQ500 course clarified the aspects regarding wind measurements that are special for remote sensing systems. The instructions and methodologies that were presented in the course has been integrated in Sweco’s work scheme, both for installation of systems and evaluation of the collected data. The feedback from our customers has been very positive. The course also gave a deeper view of the remote sensing techniques which has been useful when planning and performing installation of systems as well as understanding patterns and deviations seen in the wind data series. The course instructors were very professional and the focus of the course were perfect for our work”

Iain Campbell, Wind Resource Remote Sensing Analyst – RES Group

“The AQS training course is interesting, detailed and covers a wide range of relevant topics. The course is well thought out and delivered by people who are very knowledgeable on their subject matter. The course material is clearly explained and communicated. In my experience it was an excellent environment to learn and discuss ideas on remote sensing in general. This course enhanced my understanding of important aspects of the deployment of the AQ500 and the analysis of data from the AQ500. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone interested in the analysis of data from the AQ500 SoDAR device.”