A Story of Innovation

The AQ510 Wind Finder is based on more than 40 years of experience. The people behind AQS have been working with the sodar technique since 1969 when they started to develop measuring equipment for airports. They successfully launched the first acoustic remote sensing system in Europe through the Swedish National Defence & Research Institute (FOA).

AQSystem was established in 1989. The goal has since been to develop commercial applications for the new technologies based on remote sensing techniques. An ongoing effort to refine and improve the sodar technique has since enabled the company to offer the most advanced and versatile sodar systems available on the market. AQ510 Wind Finder has a unique acoustic horn system with a parabolic dish design that optimises the output power according to the atmospheric conditions.

AQ510 is also unique when it comes to installation and usage. While other sodar concepts need experts to set-up and adjust system parameters at installation, the AQ510 will start measuring as soon as the power switch is activated. With a fully automatic power supply with solar panels as the main power source and a small power generator as back-up, it is certain to get the job done no matter the climate.

AQSystem strives for improvements all the time; want to know the latest update or what is around the corner?

Contact sales@aqs.se to get the latest information.

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